What is in the pipeline

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We are working hard on our new website and back-end functionality for our users to make it as easy as possible.

It is fairly obvious that we are focusing on administrative templates (back-end) for website applications (mainly content management systems). Our first admin template called admin candy has already a lite version free to download. It will take couple more weeks to release a full version of admin candy with all the awesomness we are preparing.

We are aiming to have a strong html+css core per template, with a modular approach, so updates (bugfixes, new features,...) will be easier and painless. Our website will allow you to get the colour combinations you like, anytime.

We are also very concerned about support. Documentation and bugfixing have the highest priority along with the best practices posts and usability testing.

The price for a theme and 3 colour variations of your choice will be 42 USD.

Follow us on twitter to get the latest info http://twitter.com/admtpls.